1907 G.E. Pancake

Sorry I started this blog with the sole intention of posting at least once a week, but I just never found the time during the holiday season…So lets start 2017 off with a cool breeze.

Step right up and see the amazing “Electric Fan” brought to you by General Electric…This model is a 1906-07 GE Pancake with 110/115 Volts – 60 Cycles.

Working on antiques, especially old antique fans, brings a certain nostalgia to the equation. If you think to yourself, “this fan was made in the first part of the 20th century…where has it been? Who owned this fan? Why did it end up where I or whoever found it?” These are all good questions, but the most important question, at least for me is, “how do I breath life back into this fan?” And really when restoring any antique, thats the most important question.

Short of wiping the dust off and setting it somewhere, there is a better way to display your fan…and that’s ‘restored’. Restored and working is exactly how I like my fans. There’s the group that likes their fan’s untouched, and the group that likes their wiring redone (that way when you plug it in, your house doesn’t catch on fire) . But I’m in the group that likes it to be restored back to the original, working condition. And maybe make it look even a little better.

When I was given this fan…it was a pile of scrap. I had to but some parts and even make some of them! Anyway, heres some pictures to enjoy…





So, thats the 1906/07 GE Pancake Fan. I love these things, so I’m sure you’ll see more. (Ironically, I don’t really like pancakes for my breakfasts)


2 thoughts on “1907 G.E. Pancake

    • Haha thanks. Unfortunately I get my sense of humor from my dad. Anyway, Restoration is just like anything else, take your time, be patient and always use the piece you’re restoring as practice for the next. And thank you for the follow!


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