Eddie Frank grew up around art his entire life, with his father being in furniture repair and refinishing for over 50 years and antique restoration for just as long. His mother is a master gardener with a love of photography. It’s easy to see why Eddie loves all things art. He’s been around the furniture repair and restoration scene for a long time, but never took a professional interest until 2010, when his dad taught him how to paint antique and vintage fans. From there Eddie’s desire to learn, grew. He did odd jobs here and there but didn’t quite get the constant flow of jobs, until getting the chance to work along side his dad starting in 2015. Eddie is still learning and growing and hopes to never quit learning, as his dad says, “every job is just practice for the next.”

Eddie has an interest in steampunk furniture and repurposing, as well as restoration.

Eddie is a full-time firefighter in the Indianapolis area, which gives him more than enough time to work full-time in antique restoration on his days off. When not working, Eddie likes to spend time with his beautiful and supportive fiancé, Shawn and Captain America, his Labrador mix puppy.

Wanting a question answered? Wanting a quote? Wanting information on your antique? You can contact Eddie at the email below or simply click the contact link at the top of the page.

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